Bloody Moon Shot


I woke up at 1:50 am, stumbled out of bed and checked the moon, which was bloody red. I grabbed my camera, ran outside into the sub-freezing, 20º F temperature, and took a few shots at the moon. The reflections off the filter on my lens, together with my state of being at 1:55 am produced some pretty funky photos of the full lunar eclipse in the wee hours of the morning. Earlier in the evening I had gone out and photographed the moonrise and got a decently clear closeup of the full moon.






I Put Diesel In The RX-8


Since we had the newly acquired RX-8 in the shop for service, I took Tristan to the Heights to pick up Diesel, who she is dog sitting for a friend. I put Diesel, his crate, dishes, blankets and toys in my RX-8, which where a rather tight fit, and drove him to Tristan’s. Diesel is a very well behaved, black German Shepard, who enjoyed his rather cramped ride across town. He even gave me a wink over the thought of putting Diesel in the RX-8.





Hopped-Up IHP


I guy in a old hopped-up International Harvester Pickup pulled up next to me at the light — he revved his engine “vroom vroom”. I resisted whooping his butt off the line to get a photo of his truck — “click click”,  “zoom zoom”…….